Latino Connection

What we face: Some 52 million Latinos live in the United States, or approximately 17 percent of the overall population. In Texas, Latinos number close to 40 percent of the population, or to put it in “Jewish terms,” Latinos in Texas outnumber Jews in Israel. Therefore, it is imperative for the Jewish community to build a relationship now with this segment of the population.

What we do: AJC builds and sustains relationships with leaders in the Latino community— and with other ethnic and national groups—to further mutual understanding and respect and to ensure the security and well-being of all groups. Also, AJC promotes a fair and just immigration policy consistent with our position that a strong America is vital for global freedom and security.

Through the Jewish-Latino Alliance, AJC Dallas gathers Jewish and Latino leaders to discuss their shared priorities of immigration reform, education, combating bigotry or anti-Semitism and the transmission of their respective cultures. Jews and Latinos work to strengthen one another—Latinos have a large population they can encourage to support Jewish interests, and Jews have deep experience in this country that they can use to help Latinos.