Prevent a Nuclear Iran

What we face: Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability, and its aggressive positions on the regional and international stage, threatens the security of Israel, the United States, and U.S. allies in Europe, the Arab world, and Asia. Furthermore, Iran’s actions destabilize the balance of power in the Middle East.

What we do: AJC alerted the world to Iran’s nuclear aspirations years before many others recognized the threat. We continue to advocate for the denial of Iran’s nuclear capability through high-level global diplomacy and legislative channels. AJC actively promotes global support for heightened economic sanctions, increased political and diplomatic isolation, and for keeping all options credibly on the table.

In Dallas, AJC leadership engages with diplomats and meets with national politicians to garner their support for continuing to pressure Iran through economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation. AJC provides salient information to these officials, so they can act in the interest and security of the United States, Israel, the rest of the Middle East and Europe.